When sales set sail …

She didn’t have what I’d like to call “Shopper’s luck”. You know, when some people just “happen” to get stuff at half the price and great stuff at discounted rates. She, however, is one of those that ends up buying things at full price (‘cause the stuff she likes is not on sale or her size is not available) or not liking things that are on sale. So this time when her phone kept beeping with texts reminding her of all the sales, she figured she should try it buying stuff at a lower cost for a change. And so she ventured into the mall closest to home which seemed to be nearly at-capacity!

It seemed like a modern-day fair. Everywhere you looked you saw people. Its probably safe to say there were more people than clothes in all the stores combined. Children pulling and tugging at their parents, men feigning interest and women dragging their toddlers along with them. It really was some sight! With crowded trial rooms and unending queues at the cash counter, all of her patience seemed to be tested. Her heart skipped a beat every time she almost walked into a little person running straight into her. Struggling to catch her breath, she walked into one of the bookstores looking for solace. She found none, as the books were on sale too! Finding a lonely spot in the store, she managed to draw in a deep breath. Exhausted with all the navigating through the crowds, she decided to stay in there.

Her friend finally joined her and she could let go of the bookstore and venture into the halls again. If it was possible, the mall seemed to be even more crowded than before! But with company, she seemed to have renewed courage to battle it out till she bought something. Thus began the endless hunt for something to buy. Anything. After searching for a couple of hours, I wish I could tell you that she’d found something at half its price. She’d found the one thing in “New Arrivals” that fit her perfectly. Glad about getting out of there smoothly, she stumbled out of the store, victorious. Well, moral victory (more or less). Resolving to buy at full price and not be swayed by the sales, she tucked her phone into her bag and walked out of there. Smiling.

Shopping on sale

(Inspired by true events)