Real Life Lessons 3: Why “Thank you” is awesome!

“Thank you” is probably one of the best phrases, ever! It is a blessing to humanity, here’s why:

1. You can diffuse any difficult situation with a “Thank you” and walk away, triumphant.

2. You can say “thank you” as many times as you want. If you say sorry too often, people will say stop apologizing so much. But have you ever heard anyone say “stop thanking me”? I rest my case.

3. It takes only a second to say and can mean so much to the person you’re saying it to. Like a person who has been thanked often to a person who has never been thanked, everyone appreciates gratitude.

4. You can double it with a smile and you could either be sarcastic or be genuine. No one will know.

5. Saying “thank you” does nothing to diminish your ego. If you have to say sorry to someone when you know it’s their fault, it hurts our ego. But saying thank you does not indicate anything. It only shows that you’re grateful and ends up making you look like the bigger person.

6. You can say it sarcastically and no one will take offense.

7. You can say the same two words either formally or informally. Isn’t that something?

So thank you for taking time to read this bit! 🙂


Tall Demands.

At 5’3″ and a half (yes, that half is very important), you’d think I’ll be content with my height. But if you spend half as much time as I do with the kids in school you’d empathize. Children these days seem to grow like Jack’s beanstalk. With a bunch of them standing around me I find myself lost in the midst of tall trees dressed in school uniforms. Needless to say, I don’t step out of my room during recess.
In my first week of work I remember I had arranged for a session with an 8th grade class. I still remember exactly how the first few minutes of that session went. I entered the class extremely confident. And as soon as I did, everyone in class stood up to greet me. That is when my confidence shook a bit. Your’s would too if you couldn’t see past the first bench. Quickly I asked them to be seated. In the pretext of keeping my stuff away I turned away and took a deep breath. The session went quite well, thankfully. (I didn’t ask them to stand again.) After that I kinda got used to it; really tall kids crowding me in the hallway or in classrooms.
But then I started to wear wedges that were not just comfortable, they also helped elevate my self-esteem. Of course, its all in my head. But if that helps my confidence, then why not. A few inches of extra height never hurt anyone.
A year and a half into working here and I find that its not just my students that make me feel really small. A lot of people that I have come know and care about, too are really tall. It kinda makes it easier to not be bothered by their height. I mean, sure they are really tall and I’d look small even if I wore pumps. But it doesn’t really matter when you are comfortable with yourself and with them too.
I’m sure none of these people care about my height. Tiny insecurities like these tend to make their way into our oh-so-brilliant minds and have us obsessed with them. But it is alright to feel insecure once in a while. But accepting yourself just the way you are is the first step in others accepting you. Acceptance starts from within.

Love takes flight

A sparrow watched in envy as she saw the other birds laying eggs.

Finally, she laid her first egg. And even though it was just one egg she laid, her heart filled with pride and joy.

She took utmost care to keep the egg warm, to nurture her baby’s growth inside the egg’s shell.

And one day, the egg showed its first crack. Her joy knew no bounds! It took all of her being to wait patiently for her baby to crack that shell completely and peep out of it.

And when it happened, she knew all the wait was worth it. She looked at her beloved baby and promised herself to care for it with all she’s got.

Every morning she woke up way before her son and went in search of food for him. She made sure that by the time he woke up she’d brought him his food.

She played with him all day and told him many stories.

Then it was time for him to learn to fly.

I don’t want him to leave me and go, she thought. But she knew it was the right thing to do.

Reluctantly, she began to teach him to spread his wings and flap them. She helped him strengthen the muscles in his wings.

Moreover, the joy she saw in his eyes every time they had flight lessons made all her reluctance go away.

Then it was time. Time for him to fly away from home. Her heart broke as she watched him prepare to leave. She knew instinctively that she had to be strong for both of them.

She smiled as she said, “My child, it’s time for you to take flight and go where God leads you. And remember, no matter where you are, I will always love you.”

The son had no words. But with these parting words uttered by his mother engraved deeply in his heart, he took off from the nest, the only home he ever knew, to go where God wants him to go.

Sure, it is difficult to let go of those you love, especially your children. But God has greater plans for your loved ones than you can offer them by holding them back. Submit your loved ones to Him who taught you to love and He knows best how to make your love take flight!


Before we say “Good bye”

I sit there looking around

wondering where it all went wrong

I hoped “Sparkling Events”  could heal

But the wounds cut so deep it feels beyond repair

and losing hope will only lead to an untold despair!

Countless tears shed,

Feelings unsaid,

Emotions bottled and

Relationships throttled.

I thought moving on would be easy

But it takes every ounce of my strength to keep me going.

I feel like giving up

But something inside me nudges me to carry on.

The uncontrollable laughter, the happy tears,

The gleam of friendship in our eyes, and the ultimate hug

Is what I want and ask for,

Before we finally say Good bye…