Nightmares of the orderly

Walking into the room, she drew in a sharp gasp. To say it was messy, would be an understatement.
Clothes strewn about, left over food lying uncovered; she was too afraid to breathe as the concoction of smells stung her eyes. Trying to make place to sit, she moved a few clothes what looked like a sofa and felt it. The dampness that went with the looming feeling of the room.Untidy wastepaper basket
She quickly dug into her purse for the sanitizer. Having restored her sanity, she looked up.
Her eyes opened wide with terror as she saw damp clothes crawling across the floor and laying themselves haphazardly all over the room. She stifled her horrified screams as she saw soiled socks curling up into crumpled balls and creeping into the farthest corners of the room. Books came flying off the shelves and threw themselves open wide and face down on the first thing they could find. The CDs slid out of their cases and danced their way into other CD cases. Chilled glasses strode out of the refrigerator and placed themselves on the coffee table. Without costers.
Overcome with grief and horror, she screamed herself awake. Relieved it was a dream, she drew in a deep breath. Her eyes burned. As she readjusted herself to the surroundings, she looked around and realized what she had been lying on. A mound of clothes, damp and smelly. She lost consciousness. Again.