Falling in love …

There is something about love. Everybody seems to be fascinated by it. The phrase falling in love sounds painful. But when you do fall in love, it gives you a feeling of free-falling in slow motion. The wind in your hair, you seem to be floating in air. Everything around you looks beautiful and worthy of appreciation. You look around and see all the wonderful things that you may have missed before. A new-found amazement at everything around you, until THUD! you hit the ground. The feelings of appreciation and marvel no longer exist as they are replaced by a world of pain and sadness.

Slowly the pain makes its way in all walks of your life. You sit and it’s there, you walk and it’s there, you sleep and it’s there, and you wake up and sure enough, it’s there. Pain stalks you in the most obvious way possible. It makes you give it some of your attention, no matter how much you try to distract yourself. It rules your world until one day; you wake up and realize it’s gone.

The world is back to normal again. You wake up go to work, meet people, come home, eat and sleep. It pretty much becomes a routine. Slowly, you begin to trust people again, become less pessimistic of others’ feelings. But falling in love still seems like a joke to you.

Then it happens. You are going through your daily routine and bump into someone. You happen to meet him on many different occasions after that. You talk, laugh and sit silently together. You begin to feel comfortable again. Love starts to blossom in your heart again. You try to push it away. “I don’t wanna be hurt again”, you say. But love doesn’t give up. It lets itself in and makes the world make sense to you again. The strong feelings of love overwhelm you and you don’t wanna acknowledge their existence. But soon it becomes harder to ignore them. And you have the feeling of free-falling again.

Afraid of the pain ahead, you close your eyes. Slowly, you feel a hand slip into yours. You open your eyes and see him, falling beside you. He smiles and you relax, knowing everything is gonna be alright. You look down and the ground approaches. You cringe, afraid of the hurt. He holds you tighter, making you feel secure. You gaze back at him and lock eyes. Then you feel the ground, gently against your back. You feel like you are being laid onto the ground rather than falling onto it. The feeling of being laid seems much better than the feeling of free-falling and you smile. It doesn’t always have to be a THUD!, you realize.

Falling in love with anyone is always easy; it’s when the landing is smooth that you know “He’s the One!”