Real Life Lessons 2: Why “Listen to your heart” is not the best advice

You know how people keep telling you to listen to your heart? Do you find it helpful? Some times? All the time? Never?
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Here’s what comes to my mind when someone tells me to listen to my heart:

1. My heart has made some very stupid decisions in the past. VERY stupid.

2. My heart desires that super expensive dress that I can’t afford.

3. My heart keeps longing for that relationship that is no more.

4. My heart is very upset and wants me to punch you in the face.

5. My heart thinks if I wait long enough, Sherlock Holmes will come along for real. Just for me.

6. My heart wants to eat lots of bacon and fries. Right now.

Well, you know. The heart wants what the heart wants.


Real Life Lessons 1: How NOT to comfort someone

When people tell you that all things happen for good, they’re actually right. But when you’re heartbroken and hurt and someone tells you, “Don’t cry. Everything happens for good.” All you want to do is punch them in the face. You’re hurting right now. Who cares if they’re right. The idea that getting hurt is good for me? It just isn’t comforting.

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Courtesy: Google Images

Here’s what you must ALWAYS keep in mind while comforting someone:

1. No, you haven’t been there. You don’t know how I feel. Your situation wasn’t even close to what I just went through. Well, it could have been worse, but I don’t want to know that right now!

2. Did it work for you when you were hurting? If it didn’t, then stop suggesting it to me.

3. This isn’t a movie. I have responsibilities I cannot get away from. So don’t suggest I take a trip to get my mind off of things.

4. Forget all about it? Well, if it were that simple, I wouldn’t be sitting here crying now, would I?

5. Oh, you’re uncomfortable with all my crying? Tough break. You chose to come and comfort me. Deal with it.

6. Don’t tell me you knew this would happen or that you told me so. Yes, I get it. You’re wise and not very modest about it. Now can we move on to my boohoo?

An ode to lost friendships

We laughed at silly things
And coffee “gave us wings”
We shopped and shopped
Until our credit limits popped
We giggled and glared
All of our troubles we shared

Sticking by each other through thick and thin
Wondering if our bet on GG was gonna win
We quoted FRIENDS on a daily basis
At that, people sneered and made faces

Gossip brought us together and tore us apart
But from these memories, we will never part
Someday, down the broken road we might
Cross paths and know we never gave up the fight

Out of all the silliness, we will know for sure
Arose a friendship so sweet and so pure
Even now that we are miles apart
You will always have a special place in my heart