Turning 25!

“Silver Jubilee”

“Welcome to adulthood.”

“25 huh? Time to settle down eh?”


While my mind fully comprehends that these good-natured people mean well, my heart chooses to crawl away into a corner and sob silently.




Such a significant milestone, crossed. I suddenly realize that I will never be 24 again. Or 22. Or celebrate my 21st again.


Now I can say things like “We met 15 years ago” and almost feel my skin wrinkle and my teeth pop out.

Now is when I’d start getting offended if a child calls me “aunty”.

Now I can’t dismiss those stray strands of white hair saying they’re a “sign of wisdom”.

Now I understand why adult acne is such a big deal.

Now I realize the role of that extra carb on my body.

Now I understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the Generation Gap.


So you’re probably thinking that this is just a me over-reacting. But now I can say overly dramatic things and still come across as sane. Because I’m older and that means I am right. 🙂