Silent Screams

TV is on full volume. Speakers blaring with music. Phone ringing. People all around talking in loud volumes. She sat silently there. Her lips uttered no words. But her eyes screamed in pain. Her silent screams went unheard in a roomful of people. She sat frozen in her spot. Hope seemed bleak and all faith lost. Her heart beat faster than a racecar. Beads of sweat lined her face. Her hands trembled weakly. But not a word she said.

She looked for her mother. When spotted, her mother was surrounded by a group of people talking and she was laughing. She looked happy and so beautiful. Breathing out in disappointment, she sat still. She felt pain in places she didn’t know existed in her body. She didn’t know what happened. She wanted to run, to shout, and to cry out! But fright and fear held her back. Surrounded by her near and dear ones, she had never felt so exhausted with fear. 7 years old, she felt like the woman inside her tiny body was awakened before time. A woman trapped in a little girl’s body, she was terrified and alone. Darkness dawned on her as her weary eyes closed in exhausted sleep.