So for all those who think I am a critic, this is what my own work looks like when I'm done editing it! #NaNoWriMo

So for all those who think I am a critic, this is what my own work looks like when I’m done editing it!


Residual Love

Have you ever had an ex that made you smile every time he entered your thoughts? The kind that you care about even after things didn’t exactly work out for you two?
This is what I’d like to call “Residual Love”. You are not in love with that person, but will always have feelings for him no matter what happened between you two. There is always going to be a “what if” scenario despite knowing fully well that things will not work out.
It’s not the same as being in love. It’s what’s left of love for that person.
Residual love allows you to remain friends with that person. Count on them when it matters most. Secretly imagine what it would be like if things worked out for you two. Or not. It could simply be genuinely being happy for that person in their major or minor victories.

The only way it will completely go away is if things ended badly or if you have found greater love in another.

All of us have experienced this at some point in our lives. Some have found their greater love and moved on into the realms of true love with someone really special. And some of us are yet to find greater love. So until then, we make do with the residual love and hope to the Almighty that greater love will come rescue us some day.

Love takes flight

A sparrow watched in envy as she saw the other birds laying eggs.

Finally, she laid her first egg. And even though it was just one egg she laid, her heart filled with pride and joy.

She took utmost care to keep the egg warm, to nurture her baby’s growth inside the egg’s shell.

And one day, the egg showed its first crack. Her joy knew no bounds! It took all of her being to wait patiently for her baby to crack that shell completely and peep out of it.

And when it happened, she knew all the wait was worth it. She looked at her beloved baby and promised herself to care for it with all she’s got.

Every morning she woke up way before her son and went in search of food for him. She made sure that by the time he woke up she’d brought him his food.

She played with him all day and told him many stories.

Then it was time for him to learn to fly.

I don’t want him to leave me and go, she thought. But she knew it was the right thing to do.

Reluctantly, she began to teach him to spread his wings and flap them. She helped him strengthen the muscles in his wings.

Moreover, the joy she saw in his eyes every time they had flight lessons made all her reluctance go away.

Then it was time. Time for him to fly away from home. Her heart broke as she watched him prepare to leave. She knew instinctively that she had to be strong for both of them.

She smiled as she said, “My child, it’s time for you to take flight and go where God leads you. And remember, no matter where you are, I will always love you.”

The son had no words. But with these parting words uttered by his mother engraved deeply in his heart, he took off from the nest, the only home he ever knew, to go where God wants him to go.

Sure, it is difficult to let go of those you love, especially your children. But God has greater plans for your loved ones than you can offer them by holding them back. Submit your loved ones to Him who taught you to love and He knows best how to make your love take flight!


Before we say “Good bye”

I sit there looking around

wondering where it all went wrong

I hoped “Sparkling Events”  could heal

But the wounds cut so deep it feels beyond repair

and losing hope will only lead to an untold despair!

Countless tears shed,

Feelings unsaid,

Emotions bottled and

Relationships throttled.

I thought moving on would be easy

But it takes every ounce of my strength to keep me going.

I feel like giving up

But something inside me nudges me to carry on.

The uncontrollable laughter, the happy tears,

The gleam of friendship in our eyes, and the ultimate hug

Is what I want and ask for,

Before we finally say Good bye…

Falling in love …

There is something about love. Everybody seems to be fascinated by it. The phrase falling in love sounds painful. But when you do fall in love, it gives you a feeling of free-falling in slow motion. The wind in your hair, you seem to be floating in air. Everything around you looks beautiful and worthy of appreciation. You look around and see all the wonderful things that you may have missed before. A new-found amazement at everything around you, until THUD! you hit the ground. The feelings of appreciation and marvel no longer exist as they are replaced by a world of pain and sadness.

Slowly the pain makes its way in all walks of your life. You sit and it’s there, you walk and it’s there, you sleep and it’s there, and you wake up and sure enough, it’s there. Pain stalks you in the most obvious way possible. It makes you give it some of your attention, no matter how much you try to distract yourself. It rules your world until one day; you wake up and realize it’s gone.

The world is back to normal again. You wake up go to work, meet people, come home, eat and sleep. It pretty much becomes a routine. Slowly, you begin to trust people again, become less pessimistic of others’ feelings. But falling in love still seems like a joke to you.

Then it happens. You are going through your daily routine and bump into someone. You happen to meet him on many different occasions after that. You talk, laugh and sit silently together. You begin to feel comfortable again. Love starts to blossom in your heart again. You try to push it away. “I don’t wanna be hurt again”, you say. But love doesn’t give up. It lets itself in and makes the world make sense to you again. The strong feelings of love overwhelm you and you don’t wanna acknowledge their existence. But soon it becomes harder to ignore them. And you have the feeling of free-falling again.

Afraid of the pain ahead, you close your eyes. Slowly, you feel a hand slip into yours. You open your eyes and see him, falling beside you. He smiles and you relax, knowing everything is gonna be alright. You look down and the ground approaches. You cringe, afraid of the hurt. He holds you tighter, making you feel secure. You gaze back at him and lock eyes. Then you feel the ground, gently against your back. You feel like you are being laid onto the ground rather than falling onto it. The feeling of being laid seems much better than the feeling of free-falling and you smile. It doesn’t always have to be a THUD!, you realize.

Falling in love with anyone is always easy; it’s when the landing is smooth that you know “He’s the One!”