Shuffle is key

I once asked a friend if he’d heard a song from an album he often sang from. And he said, “No dude.. it’s probably at the end of the album. I fall asleep by then.” I was wondering about it for a minute and that’s when I was hit by the importance of the “Shuffle” key.

3f9b21ae-be5a-4942-90f3-681eb2309619The OCD in me cringes at the random order in which the songs are thrown at me. But I guess that’s the point of it.

The suspense of which song will play next. The feeling of being surprised when you expect a slow song, but a rocking upbeat song wakes you up from your daydreams. And then an unexpected song plays and speaks to you on a personal level like it were giving you a message from beyond. And you’re all like, “How did you know?!”

“Shuffle” kinda plays the same role in life, as well. When stuck in a rut, it is always helpful to just shuffle things up a bit. Probably turn things around in your schedule. Maybe meet people you haven’t been in touch with in a while. Maybe watch a movie you’ve always wanted to. Probably finish the book you’ve always intended to.

Or try something different. Read a book you’d have never read. Watch a movie that is so un-like you. Do something healthy like take a walk, that you’d probably never do. Look up the recipe and cook your favorite dish. Go for a meal alone.

Life won’t seem so stuck anymore. It won’t suck to be in the same place anymore. Because you’ll see it differently. The album would be the same, but the songs would be different. The order of things would be different. You’ll experience the same Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday differently than before. If anything, life will become interesting. And worth living another day.


Nightmares of the grammarly

She stared at the screen, horrified at the travesty. The post was over 5months old. And she’d spotted a spelling error! With over a hundred views, the post was beyond salvation. It’s just a typographical error, she chided herself. But the world will KNOW, she argued.
Exhausted, she decided to just sleep over it. And that’s when she heard it. At first it was laughter. Sinister laughter. More like a witch’s cackle. It grew louder as more and more people harmoniously joined in. Then she saw them. The faceless readers of her blog. Pointing and laughing. At her. They surrounded her from all sides and she looked for a way of escape but all she saw were misplaced commas, dancing and taunting her. She saw a door and ran to it. Then a question mark as tall as her, gave her a look that was questioning and quizzical. While she pondered on that, letters started flowing in through the door. And they danced, first in pairs then they formed groups of misspelled words. She started to sweat nervously. Then the faceless humans walked toward her like zombies on a mission, screaming out the correct spellings to her. She covered her ears and screamed herself awake. Breathless, she looked around and saw the laptop with the misspelled post right beside her. Wiping the sweat off her brow, she edited the post. Heaving a sigh of relief, she dozed off into dreams that had letters grouped correctly and faceless humans that hummed quietly till she slipped into deep slumber.

Real Life Lessons 3: Why “Thank you” is awesome!

“Thank you” is probably one of the best phrases, ever! It is a blessing to humanity, here’s why:

1. You can diffuse any difficult situation with a “Thank you” and walk away, triumphant.

2. You can say “thank you” as many times as you want. If you say sorry too often, people will say stop apologizing so much. But have you ever heard anyone say “stop thanking me”? I rest my case.

3. It takes only a second to say and can mean so much to the person you’re saying it to. Like a person who has been thanked often to a person who has never been thanked, everyone appreciates gratitude.

4. You can double it with a smile and you could either be sarcastic or be genuine. No one will know.

5. Saying “thank you” does nothing to diminish your ego. If you have to say sorry to someone when you know it’s their fault, it hurts our ego. But saying thank you does not indicate anything. It only shows that you’re grateful and ends up making you look like the bigger person.

6. You can say it sarcastically and no one will take offense.

7. You can say the same two words either formally or informally. Isn’t that something?

So thank you for taking time to read this bit! 🙂

Real Life Lessons 2: Why “Listen to your heart” is not the best advice

You know how people keep telling you to listen to your heart? Do you find it helpful? Some times? All the time? Never?
Courtesy: Google Images
Here’s what comes to my mind when someone tells me to listen to my heart:

1. My heart has made some very stupid decisions in the past. VERY stupid.

2. My heart desires that super expensive dress that I can’t afford.

3. My heart keeps longing for that relationship that is no more.

4. My heart is very upset and wants me to punch you in the face.

5. My heart thinks if I wait long enough, Sherlock Holmes will come along for real. Just for me.

6. My heart wants to eat lots of bacon and fries. Right now.

Well, you know. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Real Life Lessons 1: How NOT to comfort someone

When people tell you that all things happen for good, they’re actually right. But when you’re heartbroken and hurt and someone tells you, “Don’t cry. Everything happens for good.” All you want to do is punch them in the face. You’re hurting right now. Who cares if they’re right. The idea that getting hurt is good for me? It just isn’t comforting.

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

Here’s what you must ALWAYS keep in mind while comforting someone:

1. No, you haven’t been there. You don’t know how I feel. Your situation wasn’t even close to what I just went through. Well, it could have been worse, but I don’t want to know that right now!

2. Did it work for you when you were hurting? If it didn’t, then stop suggesting it to me.

3. This isn’t a movie. I have responsibilities I cannot get away from. So don’t suggest I take a trip to get my mind off of things.

4. Forget all about it? Well, if it were that simple, I wouldn’t be sitting here crying now, would I?

5. Oh, you’re uncomfortable with all my crying? Tough break. You chose to come and comfort me. Deal with it.

6. Don’t tell me you knew this would happen or that you told me so. Yes, I get it. You’re wise and not very modest about it. Now can we move on to my boohoo?

Nightmares of the orderly

Walking into the room, she drew in a sharp gasp. To say it was messy, would be an understatement.
Clothes strewn about, left over food lying uncovered; she was too afraid to breathe as the concoction of smells stung her eyes. Trying to make place to sit, she moved a few clothes what looked like a sofa and felt it. The dampness that went with the looming feeling of the room.Untidy wastepaper basket
She quickly dug into her purse for the sanitizer. Having restored her sanity, she looked up.
Her eyes opened wide with terror as she saw damp clothes crawling across the floor and laying themselves haphazardly all over the room. She stifled her horrified screams as she saw soiled socks curling up into crumpled balls and creeping into the farthest corners of the room. Books came flying off the shelves and threw themselves open wide and face down on the first thing they could find. The CDs slid out of their cases and danced their way into other CD cases. Chilled glasses strode out of the refrigerator and placed themselves on the coffee table. Without costers.
Overcome with grief and horror, she screamed herself awake. Relieved it was a dream, she drew in a deep breath. Her eyes burned. As she readjusted herself to the surroundings, she looked around and realized what she had been lying on. A mound of clothes, damp and smelly. She lost consciousness. Again.