Tales of a Wandering Mind – 1

The exams are near and half-way into my study leave, i decide to get serious and start studying. I make a study time-table and take the rest of the day off because.. you know, making time-tables takes a lot out of you.
The next day I wake up later than planned and I miss a few chapters meant to be studied in those few hours. I feel all bummed out and drag myself to start with the time-table for the remaining of the day.
I pick up the notes from my table and start trying to concentrate by reading out loud. After a minute, I reach out for a glass of water and notice a text message. It’s my friend saying she has trouble concentrating. I reply. She replies. I reply. Well, this goes on and before I know it, it’s 30 minutes later and I have just read that one paragraph and I don’t even remember what it was about.
I get back, resolving to be really serious this time. But my mind has other plans..

What do I order for lunch?
Beats me, why she’d be going out with a jerk like him..
What do we do this weekend?
Do you think he’s really into me?
Will Chuck and B ever get back together?!
I hope I look good in that new dress..
Oooh! I wanna go skydiving! and river rafting! Sounds like fun!

Daydreaming about the love of my life and of course, the perfect wedding. The flowers, the gowns, the wedding cake and the altar (although I do prefer a gazebo).
Oh and how can I forget! It is when I’m pacing about with notes in my hand, that I realize that I haven’t been having a balanced diet..
And my strategic little mind begins to plan, not about the things at hand (pun intended), but about the new diet and what I’d be doing after exams. The planning is perfect, mind you. From the moment I step out of the exam hall to late that night, it’s all planned out.
Sure, I know it’s not gonna turn out exactly as I planned. I mean, how on earth do you expect someone to travel out of the city and be back before nightfall?? But then, I guess it’s just the thrill of planning πŸ™‚

And just like that, it’s lunch time and I take a break- only it lasts the entire day and before I go to bed, I’m making the revised time-table for the next day. We all know how that’s gonna turn out πŸ˜›

(This is one of my writings in college that I found recently. Hope you enjoyed it!)


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